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Sexual health

What is sexual health?

Sexual health is an important part of physical and mental health as well as your emotional and social wellbeing. It's important to take care of your sexual health and to talk about sex and healthy relationships. Students who look after their sexual health and take time to understand issues surrounding contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) tend to have less stress anxiety than those who don’t.

What barriers are there to people accessing sexual health services?

Fear of the unknown
When accessing a service and having the courage to talk about sexual health with an adult.

Fear of parents
Or other people finding out.

Students not aware of services that college provide along with its external partners.

Feeling embarrassed
Ashamed of disclosing or discussing issues or problems.

College c-card service

Anyone between 13 and 24 can register for C-Card. To get more information on sexual health or pick up some condoms you can visit our Derby Road between 9am-4pm in room 100. Also the college can offer pregnancy tests if you think you may be pregnant.

The college also offers a SEXions service on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12.30pm-2pm where all of the above services are offered in addition to STI testing for students.

This provision is also offered on every other Monday at both Station Park and Oddicroft Lane sites from 12pm-2pm.

Top five tips positive wellbeing around sexual health

  • 1Educate yourself, ask questions and make informed decisions.
  • 2Learn how to protect yourself against STIs.
  • 3Practice safer sex and have regular check-ups.
  • 4Expect respect for yourself and respect the choices of others; don't judge.
  • 5Seek help if you are being forced or coerced into sexual activity.

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