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The specialist support team

The specialist support team are easily accessible in the college.
If you would like to speak to a Specialist Support Coach you can
contact us on 01623 627191 ex 8526 or email for more information.

  • photo of Geoff Vincent
    Geoff Vincent
    Specialist Support Team Manager

    01623 627191 ext 8252 or 07903 503464

  • photo of Becky Thompson
    Becky Thompson
    Specialist Area: Looked After, Care Leavers

    01623 627191 ext 8765 or 07805 826627

  • photo of Jeannette Clark
    Jeannette Clark
    Specialist Area: Young Carers

    01623 627191 ext 8652 or 07815 176625

  • photo of Josh Renshaw
    Josh Renshaw
    Specialist Area: Learners Not in Parental Accomodation

    01623 627191 ext 8118 or 07903 503454

  • photo of Mark Cantrill
    Mark Cantrill
    Specialist Area: Current or Ex-Offenders

    01623 627191 ext 8597 or 07966 902380

  • photo of Sarah Priestland
    Sarah Priestland
    Specialist Area: Young Parents

    01623 627191 ext 8162 or 07956 426043

  • photo of Vicky Pownall
    Vicky Pownall
    Specialist Area: Learners Not in Parental Accommodation

    01623 627191 ext 8716 or 07947 782036

  • photo of Jane Jones
    Jane Jones
    Specialist Area: Mental Health and Well-being

    01623 627191 ext 8069 or 07816 585 552

  • photo of Kirsty Betts
    Kirsty Betts
    Specialist Area: Mental Health and Well-being

    01623 627191 ext 8597 or 07891 540742

Why choose West Notts?

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100% A Level pass rate in 2018

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Best A Level provider in Mansfield and Ashfield for student progress*

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One of the top colleges in the UK for student satisfaction**

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An extensive bus service across Mansfield and the surrounding area

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£50m investment in our facilities since 2008

*Value added is a measure of a student’s progress against their starting point
**Learner Exit Survey 2017/18
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