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Work and industry placements

Help us to grow the next generation of workers by giving our students the opportunity to experience industry first-hand.

Every student is now required to complete a work placement as part of their course. Industry and work placements are one of the most vital ways that the next generation of workers can really get to understand the place of work. Experiencing real-life, real-time patterns of work, connecting with other employees and understanding how an organisation ticks is invaluable.

Why is placement so beneficial?

Combining a study pathway with placement enables students to get that hands-on experience within an organisation. Immersing themselves in placement has also proven to develop a whole raft of other new skills, such as time-management, prioritising workloads, connecting and networking with fellow workers and improving communication skills and confidence.

We’ll work closely with you

We fully support placement opportunities and recognise the importance of getting a new employee ‘work-ready’ from day one. We will work closely with you to create a placement schedule that is beneficial to both your business and the student.

Very soon you’ll see what a great way this is to introduce new talent to your business and the sector as a whole, and with your lead and support you can help to shape the future of your workforce.

How you can support

You can help our students with getting to know your industry sector in a number of ways. You could provide:

  • Employer talks
  • Tours of your work place
  • 3 days to a week work placements
  • An industry placement of 45 days

Register your interest

Please complete the following form to register your interest and a member of our team will then contact you to make any necessary arrangements.

We can come and chat to you on your business premises and see what options there may be available for both students undertaking placement on site, and for how you might be able to support our students through business talks within college.

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