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Access to University

Welcome Access to University applicants!

You have made a great decision choosing West Notts!

  • Applicant activities

    Before you start at West Notts, here are a few activites to get involved in.

    A post-it note saying work experience.

    Task - securing your work experience

    Some universities are unlikely to offer you a place without relevant work experience. So take a look at this task to help you gain a head start!

    Download the task

    Close up of a womans hand writing in a notebook whilst using a laptop.

    Task - personal statement

    Take a look at this task that will help you with your university application.

    Download the task

    Illustration of three faceless silhouettes.

    Task - meet the tutors

    Discover who will be teaching you so you know who to contact to ask all those important questions playing on your mind before you join us.

    Download the task

    Close up of a finger pressing a button with contact icons on

    Task - make contact with universities

    This task will help you check that the units you study with us are suitable for your chosen degree.

    Download the task

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    Our tutors have put together a 'starter' booklist for ideas of what to read prior or during your time as a West Notts student.

    Download the booklist

  • What our students say

    Find out why one of our current students chose to study an Access to University course.

  • Ask your tutor

    Anything playing on your mind about your college course? Then send your questions to our college tutors using our simple online form.

    Ask a question

Why choose West Notts?

The word 100% written in a circle

100% A Level pass rate in 2020.

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One of the top colleges in the UK for student satisfaction.**Learner Exit Survey 2019/20

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An extensive bus service across Mansfield and the surrounding area.

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We have four campuses each boasting a number of state-of-the-art facilities.

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