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Case study - Dani Dehal

“My apprenticeship journey so far at Nottinghamshire Police has been empowering.”

Dani reflects on “empowering” apprenticeship journey

Dani, 23, joined the team after working for a marketing agency in Nottinghamshire.

Driven by the opportunity to help people and learn about a variety of roles within the police force, she felt that an apprenticeship at Nottinghamshire Police was the right move for her.

Dani said: “As an apprentice at Nottinghamshire Police, you’ll be part of an inclusive and diverse workforce, and be given a unique opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in an area of your choice.

“I’ve felt welcomed by the team in people services, and it’s been inspiring to see Asian people, black people and women in higher roles. I hope that I can follow in their footsteps.”

Working as part of the people services team, Dani is responsible for helping officers and staff through a variety of issues, as well as advertising vacancies on the website.

She feels that the role has given her the chance to learn while on the job and hone her skills in order to potentially set up a career in policing.

She said: “I have been given quite a lot of responsibility since starting my role late last year and in that time I feel as though I have already been able to make some positive changes.

“Coming from a marketing background, I was used to things changing quite rapidly to keep in line with the latest news but since joining a large organisation I have gained a wider understanding of how to enact change in a more measured way.

“I feel as though working for a police force has given me a lot of pride in what I do and I really look forward to seeing how the role develops further.

“The team has also been incredibly supportive with my studies – as an apprentice, we get one day a week to focus on our course work and the rest of the time is spent on our jobs.

“That balance is really helpful and supportive and I have really appreciated it throughout my short time here so far.”

Dani had to start her job in the middle of a global pandemic, something that she feels the force has also been very supportive of.

She added: “Obviously, starting a new job is full on at the best of times but I feel that the team has been incredibly welcoming and supportive in light of the pandemic.

“I joined the force and had ideas about police officers, I thought they might be a bit scary but actually everyone I’ve met has been so kind and helpful.

“Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up applying to be an officer myself one day!”

The force is hosting a series of activities in partnership with its apprenticeship training provider West Nottinghamshire College, from a podcast and website material, to an IT apprentice takeover on social media.

Ron Lawrence, apprentice officer at Nottinghamshire Police, said: "Dani is a fantastic example of someone who has grabbed the opportunity she earned with both hands and run with it – we couldn’t be more pleased with her.

“Apprentices are our future, and our programmes equip young people with the skills, knowledge and support to be the best they can be.

“You won’t be alone, you will build strong relationships with your team to help you make the first steps in your career with Nottinghamshire Police.”

Karen Millward, apprenticeships and projects manager at West Nottinghamshire College, said: “We are proud to work closely with Nottinghamshire Police on the provision of support role apprenticeships and I’m delighted that Dani is progressing so well.

“As an employer, the force clearly recognises the many benefits that apprenticeships bring, both to the organisation and the individuals on these exciting work-related programmes.

“The force is very much investing in its workforce by welcoming new recruits in a way that provides bespoke training relevant to their specific job role.

“The apprentices are learning from existing police professionals through on-the-job mentoring which, combined with the training delivered by college specialists, equips them with the core competencies to be extremely effective employees.”

Hear Dani speaking about her experience as an apprentice

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