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Specialist – Customer Service, Employability and Functional skills (Fixed term for up to 22 months)

Business Support Assessor
£26,914 per annum

Please note - applications close at 5pm on the stated closing date.

Start date:

Our specialists are a distinctive mix of talent. They are subject relevant, having gained significant expertise
to know their subject inside out, being ‘credible’ in their field. They are ingenious at imparting knowledge
and skill to others, bringing alive and sharing their subject expertise in a way that will develop our
apprentices to become experts in their own right. They are equally comfortable engaging with the
managing director of the business as they are the apprentice.
We measure our success by how many of our clients achieve their Learning outcomes on programme and
are happy with the service. We also measure how many of our employers value the services we provide to
their business and the contribution our apprentices make.
Specific accountabilities
Highly self-motivated, energetic, flexible, and organised individual, encompassing a strong sense of
autonomy. You will possess strong presentation (remotely) and communication skills and be able to
demonstrate achievement of targets.
In-depth understanding of the functional skills standards, Customer Service and the governance for all
college procedures you will accountable for delivering. This will be supported by your understanding of the
associated funding.
Maintain the same professional level of skill and knowledge to enable you to be able to deliver on the
current equivalent functional skills.
Deliver a bespoke delivery programme that will support the apprentice or Adult learner, through various IT
systems to meet all of the requirement of their functional skills and Customer Service deliver. Working in
conjunction with our clients you will tailor your delivery to compliment the learning, development and
continuous assessment being managed by the employer and support the employer to do this effectively.
Utilise your professional knowledge and skill to regularly review the apprentice’s progress against the
functional skills in conjunction with the apprentice and employer, make informed judgements that clearly
demonstrate that the apprentice is deemed competent against the relevant requirements of the
Prepare the apprentice or Adult learner to be able to demonstrate consistently that they have met the
required subject set professional standards enabling them to be supported through gateway to functional
skills testing. This will include supporting the employer to confidently decide at what point this testing will
take place.
Prior to functional skill testing a wide array of pretesting and assessment methodologies can be used which
will be specific to you. You will support the apprentice or Adult learner for readiness for functional skills
testing by ensuring that they are capable and confident in all expected functional skills tests.
Ensure your subject skills are current and that you keep up to date with developments and thinking in your
subject area and will record your CPD on the colleges HR system. Maintaining knowledge of industry
changes in customer services and services required by employers around modern employability skills.
Knowing exactly what our client groups think of the interactions they have with our team and our team
members is central to our ethos of finding ways to wow and create great experiences. You may be
expected to contribute to sourcing this feedback from your client group and we will expect you to act upon
any feedback to make sure we keep our focus on what is important to our clients.
You are part of a great team and as such will be expected to participate in events and promotions where
the team requires representation, some of these will be outside of your normal working hours.
There will be some admin work created as a natural part of your role and you will be required to do this
which will include providing information to college wide systems and processes.
We are a people focused business, as such the way you behave and present yourself will be a reflection on
us and we want you to take ownership of making sure that your contribution to our reputation and to your
own personal professional reputation is always a positive one.
Being privy to confidential or sensitive information may be a natural part of your job role and as such we
expect you to treat this with the upmost professionalism.
We will advocate you in this role as the expert, you are accountable for making sure you live up to this
reputation by taking accountability for making sure you keep your subject knowledge, expertise, experience
and professionalism current and up to date.
The role will require you to embed the college’s values; Respect, Integrity, Collaboration, High
Expectations, Responsibility.


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100% A Level pass rate in 2020.

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