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GCSE Chemistry - Level 2


Welcome to an engaging journey exploring the fascinating world of chemistry—a subject that impacts our daily lives, from cutting-edge folding mobile phones to the art of wine production and the development of life-saving drugs for treating diseases.

Designed specifically for adults aged over 19, this course is crafted to empower you with practical knowledge, complementing the theoretical aspects of chemistry and enabling you to apply its principles confidently in real-world scenarios.

As an AQA accredited course, we delve into a diverse array of topics, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of the subject. This strong foundation can serve as a springboard for further studies in chemistry and related fields, paving the way for exciting career opportunities in science, engineering, medicine, and various industries that demand a profound grasp of chemical principles.

Whether you aspire to advance your career, seek to expand your academic horizons, or simply have a passion for discovering the wonders of chemistry, this course caters to your needs. Moreover, for those aiming to pursue further studies that require a science GCSE pass, such as teacher training courses, this course is the perfect stepping stone.

Start dates and fees

  • Start date: September 2024
  • Cost: £360

The course fee can either be paid in full or in four instalments. If you wish to pay in instalments, you will be required to pay 25% (£90) of the total fee on the day of enrolment and a Direct Debit mandate would then to be completed to enable the college to collect further three payments of £90 a month until the full amount is paid (£360). The payments will be taken on the date you choose on the Direct Debit mandate form.

Please contact the college’s finance department for further details on 0808 100 3626.

For more information on GCSE start dates, times and fees please contact us on our enquiries line 0808 100 3626 or email

What will I study?

  • Atomic structure and the periodic table: Unravel the mysteries of elements and their role in chemical warfare, while gaining insights into the pivotal elements shaping our world.
  • Chemical bonding, structure, and properties: Discover the fascinating world of chemistry as we unravel the mysteries behind foldable phone screens and the safety of pure water—can it really electrocute you?
  • Chemical changes and reactions: Journey through the process of extracting valuable products from the sea and analysing contaminated river water, understanding the transformative power of chemical reactions.
  • Quantitative chemistry and calculations: Ever wondered how many sugar molecules are packed into a chocolate bar? Explore the realm of numbers and measurements in chemistry.
  • Energy changes in chemical reactions: From creating 'cold packs' for sports injuries to the enigma of the screaming jelly baby, learn why one feels cool while the other turns hot in chemical reactions.
  • Organic chemistry and hydrocarbons: Unleash your creativity in producing alcoholic beverages, perfumes, and plastics, as we explore the versatile world of organic compounds.
  • Chemical analysis and tests: Discover the vibrant world of fireworks and the science behind their colors, as well as the art of detecting unknown substances at a crime scene.

Entry requirements

  • This course is for learners aged 19+ only.
  • Acceptance on the course will be conditional upon sitting a short entry assessment. This will assess your knowledge of interpreting data tables of scientific information.

How long is the course?

  • 1 year.

How will I be assessed?

  • Two written exams.

What can I progress onto?

  • Access to University courses
  • A Level courses
  • BTEC Applied Science with Forensics 

Career opportunities

There isn't currently career information listed for this course.

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