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Work Placement - Rolls-Royce

Job description

Your First Steps Towards an Inspiring Career

Our work experience programmes give you a taste of what it’s like to work with us. We use cutting edge technology to shape the future and we want you to be a part of that.

You’ll have the chance to challenge and develop your understanding of STEM subjects, all the while experiencing first-hand the exciting career possibilities that our industry can offer.

What’s more, our placements will earn you your Industrial Cadet (Silver) accreditation, demonstrating that you have valuable employability skills to future employers and education/training providers.

For more information follow the below link: 

Placement available throughout the year, all applications should be received at least 2 months prior to your requested start date.



  • Apply by: 01/07/2019
  • Company: Rolls Royce
  • Pay: N/A
  • Working times/day: TBA
  • Location: Hucknall
  • Job type: Work placements
  • Job sector: Engineering
  • Employers reference: INTRR
  • Listing date: 06/08/2018

How to apply

Please follow the below link and complete the application form: 

If you require any support completing your application form, please email the work placement team,  or visit room 103, derby road. 

They are open for your applications all year round.

Please note your application should be received at least 2 months prior to your requested start date.

Please note - Placements are open to all students at Vision West Nottinghamshire College, this may result into the placement being allocated; the work placement team will be able to let you know if this placement has been fully allocated.

Once your work placement has been confirmed, and start & end dates have been agreed with your employer. Please follow the steps below in order to process you work placement application.

Step 1 - Complete the work placement application form on the work placement connect app, or complete a self-placement form, the form can be found here. This will advise the work placement team you have a confirmed work placement.

Step 2 - The work placement team will seek authorisation confirmation from your progress mentor, and then the health and safety documentation will be completed for you to start your placement.

Step 3 - The work placement team will then send you, your progress mentor and the employer an email to confirm your work placement is ‘ Ready to Go’. You MUST NOT START YOUR WORK PLACEMENT, until you have received the confirmation email.

A parental consent form must also be signed and passed to your progress mentor before you go on placement.

If you have questions or need any support with your work placement applications, please email or call into Room 103 at Derby Road or see your Employability and Work Placement Coordinator at Station Park, Engineering Innovation Centre or Create.

We encourage you to secure your work placement as soon as possible. The deadline to have a placement agreed is Friday 14th Dec 2018.

Good luck and remember to ask your employer on completing your placement if you can add them as a new reference on your CV!

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